From April 29 to May 14, we invite all Grade 9 to 12 WRDSB students and staff to participate in the Waterloo County Secondary School Athletic Association (WCSSAA) Basket Toss Challenge! By doing so, you will earn points for your school, have the chance to win some cool WCSSAA prizes, and ultimately, get active to increase your well-being.

Interested in taking the challenge? Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Register for the Basket Toss Challenge

Fill out the Google Form to register for this challenge.

Step 2 – Complete the challenge

Until May 14, your goal is to obtain the highest possible average when attempting twenty (20) free throws. What is a free throw? A free throw is an unobstructed attempt to score a basket by shooting from behind the free throw line.

From a free throw line or a line that is a minimum of fifteen (15) feet away from your basket, try to make as many shots as possible. Once you have recorded your results, calculate your overall average and submit your score using the online form.

What do I need?

  • Basketball net (mini net, large container etc)
  • Basketball (soccer ball, volleyball or make your own ball)
  • Measuring tape to measure your distance

Where can I complete this challenge?

If you do not have access to a basketball net or a basketball, no problem! Set up a basket, bucket or large container anywhere and grab any type of ball (or make your own). Just make sure your shots are attempted at least 15 feet away and record how many you get in.

Step 3 – Report your results

Report your results through a Google Form link you received when you registered for the Basket Toss Challenge. Not sure if you received that link? Contact

Step 4 – Share on social

We want to see your creative basket toss shots on social media! Use the hashtag #GetActiveWCSSAA on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos and videos of you participating in this challenge.

That’s all there is to it!

Remember to stay safe, be socially distant from others not in your household, and have proper supervision. The more students that participate from your school, the more points your school gets.

You have been challenged!