About the Trades

When people think of skilled trades, many traditional trades come to mind – electrician, plumber, welder, and carpenter, for example. The reality is that there are 144 designated trades in Ontario. These trades fall under four sectors:


A comprehensive list of certified trades in Ontario can be seen here:

What are Red Seal Trades?

The Inter-provincial Standards Red Seal Program was established to provide greater mobility for skilled workers across Canada. The Red Seal program allows qualified trades people to practice their trade anywhere in Canada where the trade is designated without having to write further examinations.

Why consider a career in skilled trades?

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum research shows that skilled trades workers fare better than their counterparts when it comes to wages, job security, and employment satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about a specific trade?

Navigate the Skilled Trades Ontario website to find additional information about each trade including descriptions, required training, and trade reports.



Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), offered in high schools across the Waterloo Region District School Board, allows students in grade 11 or 12 to explore and experience skilled trade career opportunities through their school’s Cooperative Education program (Co-op) and work towards an apprenticeship. It’s a great program for students and those that take them on through Co-op placements.


  • Provide students with the opportunity to start training in a skilled trade while completing the requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Enable students to make the school to work transition by direct entry into apprenticeship training
  • By 2025, it is expected that Canada’s labour shortage will reach 1.2 million
  • By 2025, 40% of occupations will be in the skilled trades
  • 48% of the current workforce will be eligible to retire in the next 5 years


Additional information about OYAP can be found here.

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