Sports are a big part of school life at GCI.  A full range of sports teams are offered each season.

All players must have a valid current year Student Fee Card. 

Fall Sports                                                                    Coaches

Cross Country Running Ms. Perrin, Ms. Watson
Jr Girl’s Basketball Mr. Dunning, Ms. Hewitt
Sr Girl’s Basketball Ms. Bowler, Ms. Sullivan
Football Mr. Dietrich, Mr. Roenspiess
Golf       Mr. Dowhaniuk
Jr. Boys Volleyball
Ms. Guo, Ms. Weiss
Sr. Boys Volleyball Ms. Rodriguez, Mr. Winter
Jr. Boys Soccer Mr. Nowak
Field Hockey Ms. Van Dam, Ms. Macey
Sr. Tennis Ms. Miller,  Mr. Kennedy

Winter Sports                                                               Coaches

Jr Boys Basketball Mr. Dowhaniuk
Sr Boys Basketball Mr. Dietrich, Mr. Dunning
Boys Hockey
Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Postma
Swimming Ms. Fitzpatrick, Ms. Mailloux
Jr Girls Volleyball
Ms. Paule, Mr. Weiss
Sr Girls Volleyball Ms. Bowler
Girls Hockey Ms. Pavey, Ms. Rose

Spring Sports                                                                 Coaches

Jr & Sr Badminton Mr. Hunter, Mr. Neustaedter, Ms. Sullivan
Cricket Mr. Miller, Ms. Pavey, Mr. Prince, Mr. Roenspiess
Girls Soccer Ms. Laliberte, Ms. Miller
Sr Boys Soccer Ms. Navarra, Ms. Rodriguez
Jr Tennis
Ms. Hewitt, Mr. Kennedy
Mount Bike Team Mr. Huarte, Ms. Perrin, Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Watson
Track & Field Mr. Dietrich, Mr Nowak, Ms. Mailloux, Ms. Paule, Mr. Weiss
Ultimate Club Mr. Reiss, Ms. Watson

Game Times and locations are posted on the GCI website calendar

Extra-Curricular Activities – Behaviour Expectations
All field trip participants, team members, and team supporters are representatives of Galt Collegiate Institute.  They have special responsibilities, and their behaviour will be exemplary both within and outside the school.  Actions, which reflect badly on the school, will result in withdrawal from school-sponsored activities, either as a participant or spectator.  This includes sports, dances, trips, etc.

Athletic Fees
Team sports require participants to pay a fee for specific equipment requirements, facilities rental, competitions, or transportation. All fees are to be paid online through School-Day in addition to purchasing a student card.