This message is posted on behalf of the Board of Trustees

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) serves the community of Waterloo Region, and we want you to have a voice as we work to determine who will be our next Director of Education.

The WRDSB Board of Trustees has retained Joan M. Green and Associates/Lough Barnes Consulting Group to undertake the search process for a Director of Education. The consultants who are leading the search have extensive experience as public sector CEOs in education and healthcare, and have worked with many school boards and public organizations in Ontario to identify and foster excellence and inclusion in leadership.

We are extending an invitation to you to be part of the consultation process in order to gather feedback from your perspective on the characteristics, competencies and commitments necessary for impactful leadership in the context of WRDSB’s strengths, challenges and opportunities. This is a crucial first step in reaching broad agreement regarding the leadership attributes the future Director of Education should possess in order to provide a framework for evaluation of candidates for this position. The feedback received will assist us in developing a leadership profile and mandate for this critical role.

We are seeking your opinion on:

  • the overall strengths of the WRDSB
  • challenges and opportunities the Board is currently facing
  • indicators of success for the new Director

Your expectations of a Director of Education:

  • professional experience
  • leadership approach
  • values and qualities

This voluntary survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

You may stop completing the survey at any time and/or skip any questions you do not wish to answer.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all responses: the data is being collected by the WRDSB Research Department on behalf Joan M Green and Associates/Lough Barnes Consulting Group. The data collected will be aggregated and analyzed by an outside researcher retained by Joan M Green and Associates/Lough Barnes Consulting Group. All electronic survey information will be stored in password-protected files on secure computers and kept for 7 years.

This survey is available in a variety of languages which can be selected using Google Translate. Please submit your responses by 11:59 pm on May 9, 2021.


Inquiries about survey content, data analysis, development of the leadership profile, and/or facilitation of this initiative, please contact Joan Green at