The storied halls of Galt Collegiate Institute and Vocational School have seen much in their long history and the 2020-2021 school year will certainly add to those chronicles.  This school year, GCI will see tales of resilience as students and staff support each other through the challenges of learning in a pandemic.  People will speak about agility, flexibility, and responsiveness as we continually adapt and change our way of doing things to keep staff and students safe and continuing to learn in new ways.

The teachers in this incredible building showed their dedication to students and their caring approach during the spring shutdown and they have carried this forward to their interactions with students during our September start-up.  Our support staff have worked tirelessly to maintain a clean and organized environment that allows us to function in a way that follows the best recommendations on how to operate safely.  These efforts will continue as we face the uncertainty that the coming school year will bring.  I am proud to work with a tremendous group of dedicated teachers, support staff, and administrators who work tirelessly to support students in our community.

It was a true honour to be appointed Principal of Galt Collegiate in January of this year and September marks my first opportunity to start a school year from the beginning.  I have no doubt that this year will provide a unique set of challenges that haven’t been seen in over a century.

For over 167 years, there has been a rich tradition of excellence at GCI, I am proud to be part of that legacy.  A visit to our archives inspires us to honour our rich traditions while we also look to the future.  Our current GCI student body represents diverse learners who represent all that is great about the Canadian identity.  We are committed to eliminating discrimination and oppression in all it’s forms and will strive to grow in our understanding of how injustice affects our community of learners.  We recognize however, that there is still much work to be done.  

As we head into the 2020-2021 school year, I want to commend our staff, students, parents, and caregivers on their ability to support each other in challenging times.  We will need this in the days to come and our shared strength will get us through.  It will be hard, but together we got this.


Bryan Lozon


Galt Collegiate Institute