In July 2020, the Ontario government announced that starting in September 2021, school boards will begin the process of ending the streaming of Grade 9 students into applied and academic courses. The purpose of de-streaming is to address and eliminate the gap in outcomes and opportunities between those students in applied-level courses, compared to those in academic-level courses. Provincial data shows that the five-year graduation rate for students in applied-level courses is 74%, compared to 95% for those in academic-level courses.

As part of its plan to end early streaming, the Ministry of Education has introduced a new foundational Grade 9 math course for September 2021. This is the first step towards further de-streaming in other curriculum areas, which will better support all students in having every opportunity to pursue the pathway of their choice after their K-12 education.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to improve outcomes for our students and end a practice that is outdated and harmful to our students,” said John Bryant, director of education for the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). “This work aligns with our broader goals of breaking down systemic barriers, as we work to ensure our students have every opportunity to reach their goals, in school and in life.”

WRDSB Welcomes De-streaming in Grade 9 Math

In the WRDSB, our system, schools and math educators are embracing this change. For the 2021-22 school year, students in Grade 9 Math are currently enrolling in a single course, MTH1W. Fundamentals necessary for senior Mathematics courses will be covered and students will use mathematical processes, mathematical modelling, and coding to make sense of the Math they are learning.

The course includes an understanding of mathematical concepts related to:

  • number sense and operations
  • algebra
  • measurement
  • geometry
  • data
  • probability
  • financial literacy

Supporting French Transitions from Grade 8 to 9

The WRDSB is committed to providing a positive learning experience for Grade 8 distance learning students transitioning to their compulsory Grade 9 French courses.

Our Secondary School Language Departments are preparing to meet the needs of all students regardless of the amount of French instruction they received given the interruption to our Grade 7 and 8 Core French language instruction during the pandemic. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students are supported and ready to learn Grade 9 French, without a focus on prior knowledge.

All Grade 9 French Language Arts courses (Core Applied, Core Academic, Extended, or Immersion) have the same overall expectations, with regards to the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing. The difference between courses is the level of proficiency in these skills areas as students move through the competencies.

Our Grade 9 educators look forward to meeting their Grade 9 students and working together with them to understand what they know, and building on this to help them gain additional skills with an individualized approach.

À bientôt!