Greetings from Galt Collegiate. We have completed our course restructuring process for Quad 4 and have established our student cohort assignments. If your student’s cohort has changed, you will have received a separate message indicating this.

Sometime after spring break, Teachers will send emails to their students welcoming them to their new classes. Quad 4 classes will begin on Thursday, April 22nd. Please have your student check their school WRDSB GMail often to get important details about their new courses.

The Full Quadmester Schedule is posted to the GCI Website.

Our daily schedule remains the same as in the previous Quadmesters: Daily Schedule – Arrival and Dismissal Times

Please remember that Parents/Guardians will have an essential responsibility to screen their child BEFORE they send them to school. Students should complete both the Student Self Screening and Student Self Screening Verification in advance of arriving at school. Parents/Guardians must also have a plan for the prompt pick up of their sick child should they be exhibiting symptoms of illness at school.

GCI Quadmester Four Calendar for Parent Student Handbook