Congratulations to our GCI class of 2021.  We are pleased to offer an opportunity for our Grads to have their photos taken at school and receive a 2021 Grad Photo Composite for the price of $30.

Grad photos will be taken by appointment during the week of April 26th to 30th in the GCI Cafeteria.  Students can sign up for appointment slots that are based on their cohort and availability through the day, this includes students in the DLP.

Strict masking, distancing, and hand hygiene are required as part of our process this year.  All gowns will be sanitized between use and caps will not be offered.  There will be separate entrance and exit points to the cafeteria and students are asked to hold to their appointment times.  Students who are leaving class to go to their photo appointment must complete a ‘Class Pass’ request and proceed directly to the cafeteria using only appropriate stairwells and hallways.

Any student requiring financial assistance should connect with their guidance counselor to discuss possible options.