GCI is planning its first “Wellness Wednesday” for May 8.  Wellness Wednesday provides an opportunity for GCI students to seek out academic support (extra help, time to complete outstanding assignments, work with group members, etc) or participate in an elective activity.  All classes will be shortened so they fit into our morning time frame, and we will run two “Wellness Blocks” in the afternoon, each one hour in length.  
In each of the Wellness Blocks, students can choose academic support or can choose to participate in one of several elective activities that includes:  a trail ride, healthy snacks, woodcraft, spirit cheer, weight room workout, basketball, fibre arts, colouring, beach volleyball, yoga, karaoke, the top 10 things you should know about money, and a games room.
We hope students take advantage of Wellness Wednesday to exercise good decision-making, and invest some time into an activity that will benefit them either academically or personally. Wellness Wednesday