WRDSB email addresses to change August 21

We are excited to announce that the Waterloo Region District School Board is moving its email and calendar platform to Google. Many staff and students are already using G Suite tools on a daily basis. In fact, WRDSB has more than 40,000 users of G Suite in our district today.

As part of this change on Aug. 21, 2017, we will also make our email addresses a lot easier and more intuitive for people. When the switch to Gmail happens, all WRDSB email addresses will switch to end with @wrdsb.ca, just like our website.

As of August 21, all email sent to addresses ending with @wrdsb.on.ca, @ins.wrdsb.ca or @googleapps.wrdsb.ca will be redirected to the person’s new @wrdsb.ca email address. An update will be shared with students, parents/caregivers and staff in the near future when emails will no longer automatically redirected to @wrdsb.ca.

If you have any questions, please email info@wrdsb.on.ca.