Calling Galt families and businesses…auction items urgently needed!

Our community is thriving, yet 1 in 10 students arrive at school each day without enough food to sustain them.

The 2nd Annual Nutrition for Learning Online Auction was launched to help ensure these students have the nourishment they need to succeed.

Nutrition for Learning is a registered charitable organization that supports breakfast and snack programs at our school (and others across Waterloo Region). These programs rely heavily on the communities they serve as only 15% of their funding coming from government sources.

The auction is rallying local businesses and families in support of programs at GCI, Glenview Park SS, St. Andrew’s Public School and U-Turn Cambridge. We are currently accepting items that can be auctioned online from May 24-28th — gift cards, household items, or anything! If you are a student, you will be entered to win a $25 pre-paid VISA card with each donation. If you are a business, we will credit you as a sponsor and include a link to your website or Facebook page. Hats off to Langdon Hall for making our first donation of of 2017!

Donations can be dropped off at participating schools, or call/text auction co-ordinator Kate Schooley at 519-574-3844.

Please visit our auction at and check back to see us grow.

For a great article about the importance of breakfast programs, click here: The importance of school breakfast programs

Your support is valued and appreciated!