Nourishing young minds is something we do at school figuratively and literally, through student nutrition programs.

This February, 4-18th, The Grocery Foundation is partnering with student nutrition programs across the province, including here in WATERLOO REGION.

When you shop at a Metro, or Food Basics,  you will be asked to consider donating a toonie. EVERY toonie donated will go back to the local programs in the same area where the funds are collected. That means we can feed more breakfasts and snacks to kids in our schools, right here. You can also donate online at [

Did you know that on any given day more than 800,000 school-aged children attend student nutrition programs in this province? The reasons for this are varied. In some cases families are hard pressed to find the time; some kids have activities before school or have a long-way to travel that may prevent them from eating, in other cases families may be facing difficult financial circumstances. Regardless, there is a need. And, thankfully, there are universal programs that welcome all school-aged children in nurturing environments.

Research conducted by The Grocery Foundation has confirmed that Canadians believe our ability to feed children is directly tied to our prosperity as a country. Likely because it helps ensure adequate nutrition which is vital to achieve academic success.

The good news, is that research on the impact of student nutrition programs is very positive on many levels: independence, initiative, conflict resolution, class participation and problem solving. This can only mean good things for our entire student population including your child/children.