Google Apps for Education

 WRDSB has recently implemented Google Apps for Education.  This means that all students and staff will have access to their own Google account that is administered by the school board.  Some of the benefits of Google Apps for Education include:

  • Secure cloud storage of files
  • Easy to use email and access to email for staff and students throughout the school board
  • Collaborative file creation
  • Access to many different Google Apps to enhance learning

There are several steps to signing on to your Google Apps for Education account.  Be sure to follow them closely so that everything goes smoothly.  If you encounter any issues with your account, please see Ms. Buder.

Please note that you  must log on through a desktop your first time using your WRDSB Google account.

Choose one of the Following Options


Logging on Through a Desktop

Logging on Through a Chromebook

Resources to Learn More about Google Apps for Education

Logging on Through a Desktop 

You must follow these instructions on a desktop the first time you log on to your WRDSB Google account.

1.  Go to

2. Log in using your PAL username and password (same login information that you use to log in to the desktop computers at school).

3.  Read through the terms of use and click Agree to proceed.

3.  Take note of your new Google Apps email.  It will likely be located in the top right area of your browser window.  This email takes the following form:

Students: - (e.g.

Teachers - (e.g.

4.  Start using your Google Apps for Education Account.  

Note:  Following this login method, your password will always be the same as your PAL password. If you change your password, this one will change as well.

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Logging on Through a Chromebook

Chromebooks are made with Google Apps in mind.  In order to reap the greatest benefit from these computers, users are encouraged to log on to their WRDSB Google accounts when they start a Chromebook.  This looks a bit different than logging on through a desktop.  Follow the instructions below to log on to a Chromebook.

1.  Wait for the prompt to log in to the Chromebook.

2.  Enter your WRDSB Google email.  Note:  This is your full email, not just your username.  (e.g.

3.  Choose an "icon" if is your first time on.

4.  You are ready to use your account!

Note:  Using this method, your password will be the same as it was the first day you set up your WRDSB Google account.  If you have changed your PAL password, it will NOT change the password used with this sign in method.  

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Resources to Learn More about Google Apps for Education

Andrew Bieronski's Google Apps for Education You Tube Channel 



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Accessing your Google Apps For Education account in WRDSB.pdf